Thursday, February 28, 2008

Your Spelling Teacher Should Kill You - How Bad People Misspell Firefox?

The Mozilla Firefox Browser is hugely popular and for this ground many people misspell its name while searching for it on the hunt engines. Really amusing combinations of hunts expression when you take a look at what people type.

The confusion with the movie

A batch of hunts include the word Foxfire, a film where Angelina Jolie appears. It is possible that many people are searching to download this film off of the Internet, but when you take a near expression at other similar searches, you will see things like: Foxfire Browser, Foxfire Internet. Such seekers obviously are looking to download the Firefox Browser.

The Fox connection

Fox have many hunts online maybe because of the Fox channel, but a batch of them associates to the Firefox Browser when you take a near expression at other similar hunts and find: fox browser, fox fire browser, www.mozilla fox.com (maybe these cats probably thought that the Mozilla browser is owned by Fox, which is not true).

Some compose it without an "L", others add some letters.

Mozila is a very common misspelling and it is obviously related to Firefox since it is Mozilla without and "L". You will also find: Motzilla, Morzilla, Monzilla and the very amusing Monzalla (maybe confused by the Ben Hur Film?). Some people take off an "L" and add a "Z" as Mozzila, but other people make not like to lose anything and type: Mozzilla.

The 1s that alteration letters.

All the people that type these: Nozilla, Moxilla, Mozella, Mozalla are searching for the same thing: The Firefox browser. The Moxilla and Nozilla misspellings are apprehensible because the incorrect letters are near on the keyboard, but the others were on intent because the right spelling and the existent missive typed are very far from the keyboard.

The terrific searches

The most terrific hunts for Firefox are: Modzilla, which is some mixing between Mozilla and Godzilla (the Nipponese film monster), Godzilla Download. Although Mozilla sounds similar to Godzilla and Mozilla was the name of the Netscape animal which still could be seen on dmoz.org, Firefox isn't that terrifying.

The combustion searches.

A batch of people type Firebox on the hunt engines to happen the browser. While this is written on the hunt engines, most people really desire to acquire the Firefox web browser.

If you compound this with the word download, you will be very certain that these people are looking to download the browser and not for a system to be warm.

The amusive ones

The funniest 1s are: Mozella, Mosilla (typed by Spanish searchers) and the winner: Mozarella Firefox.

Use the Firefox browser no substance how you misspell it because it is the best software system available to breaker the web.

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