Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Addiction - Whose Fault Is It Anyway?

When I tried to inquire this inquiry to some of the people living in my neighborhood, who are burning cyberspace users, I got the followers interesting responses.

"My neighbour is a computing machine addict. Thanks to the applied scientists and scheduling industry, a successful man of affairs is now idle and under immense debt. Still wondering 'whose fault is it?'"

"My friend in high school was a superb and studious guy. As soon as we got out of High school, he bought a computing machine and an cyberspace connexion thought that it would assist him. He aspired to go a software system engineer. But soon, within weeks, he started bunking college more than and more. His classes started dropping. And he was thrown out of school. An engineer's creative activity killed many budding engineers, and still are. They are to be blamed."

Surprising it is! Everyone looks to be blaming the engineering and the encephalons behind it. At one point we praise them and worship them like Gods, at fateful others, we curse word them! But the large inquiry here is, applied men of science and computer programmers and scientists are to be blamed for they brought the human race closer through internet. Okay! And what about those people who go forth their ain concerns and surveys just to see what other people are doing? Or chatting on the cyberspace forums and confabulate rooms? Or even watching cyberspace pornography and gambling?

It is very easy to fault others, but it is very hard to accept your ain mistake. It is tough to throw yourself responsible for the losings you took, be it personal, professional, emotional, or whatever.

Yes, engineering at our doorstep, and engineering so convenient is a ground that spoils most of us, but similar is easy entree to nutrient joints. Bashes that average we all go obese in substance of weeks? No! Because we throw ourselves and our loved 1s back and defy the temptation. Similar is the lawsuit with internetting. Stop yourself from over self-indulgence and also the 1s around you!

It is your duty also.

Every good thing have its harmful affects. It is our duty to move sensible.

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