Sunday, December 2, 2007

IFFI lacks in programming: Adoor : India Entertainment

Panaji, December 2 - Veteran Malayalam movie maker Adoor Gopalkrishnan, who praised the ambiance at the 38th International Movie Festival of Republic Of India (IFFI) ending Monday, is however, not satisfied with choice of movies and programming.'In footing of film festival, it have an first-class atmosphere this year. Now it looks like the people in the campus are seriously interested in cinema. Projection is first-class in all the film halls. You cannot anticipate this quality of projection anywhere in the country. They are as good as anywhere in the Europe,' Adoor told IANS.'I was travelling in Europe screening my movie in topographic points like Toronto, Greater London and the quality of sound is as good as the international level. We have got the right infrastructure, but we miss in the choice of films,' he added.Two of his movies were screened at the festival. His recently released 'Naalu Pennungal', a silver screen version of celebrated Malayalam writer Thakazhi Sivasankara Pillai's short stories, was screened in the characteristic movie subdivision of North American Indian View and 'The Dance Of The Enchantress' was shown in the non-feature movie division.Addor strongly experiences that movies shouldn't be randomly selected for the festival.'Film loving people should choose the movies for the festival. It is not like person have sent you movies and you are choosing from that. You have got got to travel around seeing movies and then make up one's mind which movies should be shown.'Whosoever is scheduling this festival should have seen all the films. They should be able to state the audiences what movies to be seen. For that you have got got got to be enlightened you have to really love movie and you will also have to share your cognition with others,' he said.There are many who hold with the manager and state movies like 'Full Circle' and 'The Eigth Day of the Week' were not deserving showing in a festival of this stature.'The aggregation of the film is not good this year. Last twelvemonth they brought better films,' said a pupil of Movie And Television Institute Of India, Pune.Adoor experiences that to fit up with the other international festivals, their form of selecting movies should be followed.He said, 'Big festivals like Toronto have got a picker for each region. Person is in complaint of Asiatic cinema, other return cares of European, and so on. There are four or five pickers who are responsible for the film.''Before the showing they come up and present the movie to the audience. They speak about the manager takes inquiries and replies from the audience. That's how you construct a movie culture. Person who takes all the problem to come up here to see the movie shouldn't experience dejected,' he added.(c) Indo-Asian News Service

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