Saturday, December 1, 2007

Virtual Programming releases Plumeboom game

Virtual Scheduling have announced the release of . It’s A new insouciant game for the Macintosh and it bes $19.95. A demonstration will be posted; it was not available as Macworld posted this article.

Orniland is a eden for birds, but Crowbeak the Ace and his servant, Cornix the Scientist, have got conspired to turn the peaceful birds into their minions, the Warriors of Darkness. Plumeboom the Peacock gets to salvage the twenty-four hours by destroying the system of conveyors that Crowbeak and Cornix have got erected.

The game characteristics 200 levels, fillip mini-games, statistics, time-limited and free drama game modes, 30 different locations, personal effects like rainfall and leafage fall, six upgradeable bonuses, 3 supercharges and more.

System demands name for Macintosh os Ten v10.3.9 or higher, G4/1GHz or faster (including Intel), 512MB RAM, and Internet connexion to download and register.

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