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Word 2007 - Main Interface Changes

APPLICATION-SPECIFIC alterations - Word 2007

In improver to the chief Office 2007 interface changes, you should detect that some characteristics have
been enhanced and work more like they should (namely, the Enchantment Checker). New
characteristics have got been added, such as as SmartArt and Themes. This article briefly
depicts the major application-specific alterations to Word 2007.



The Ribbon in Word incorporates the same tools and options as before (with a few
additions), organized in a different manner (as mentioned earlier). The followers depicts each tab.

• Home-This check incorporates the most commonly used tools for authorship and
formatting fonts, styles, lists, etc. Options are grouped by Clipboard, Font,
Paragraph, Styles, and Editing.

• Insert-This tab replaces the old Insert bill of fare and includes points from the old
Position bill of fare and a couple new options. Options are grouped by Pages, Tables,
Illustrations, Links, Heading & Footer, Text, and Symbols.

• Page Layout-Many of the points on this check were accessible from the old File
bill of fare (File | Page Setup). However, other points (like Columns and Breaks)
were moved from the old Format and Insert menus. Some features, such as as
Themes, are new. Options are grouped by Themes, Page Setup, Page
Background, Paragraph, and Arrange.

• References-This tab incorporates many points that were accessible from the old
Insert bill of fare (Insert | References). Options are grouped by Table of Contents,
Footnotes, Citations & Bibliography, Captions, Index, and Table of

• Mailings-This table includes many new items, as well as points from the old
Tools bill of fare (Tools | Letters and Mailings). Options are grouped by Create,
Start Mail Merge, Write & Insert Fields, Preview Results, and Finish.

• Review-When you are finishing up a written document and are ready for the final
touchings or a equal review, chink this check to happen the tools you need. Most of the
points establish here were previously accessible from the old Tools menu. Options are grouped by Proofing, Comments, Tracking, Changes, Compare,
and Protect.

• View-This tab incorporates many points from the old Position bill of fare and some items
from the Standard toolbar. Options are grouped by Document Views,
Show/Hide, Zoom, Window, and Macros.

Office Button

The Word Office Button incorporates many of the points from the old File bill of fare and
more. For example, the Save As characteristic includes new options to salvage the document
as a Word Template (previously done in the Save As window), Word 97-2003
Document (so users with aged versions can work with your files), and Other
Formats (opens the Save As window to salvage in formattings such as as .rtf, etc.). The Find
add-ins for other data data file formattings option replaces the Templates and Add-Ins feature
(previously accessible from the Tools menu) and lets you to happen an ad-in that
lets you to salvage a file as a PDF, for example. Remember, if the bill of fare point have a right-facing pointer on the right, additional
related to options are available.

Word Options Feature

The most commonly used characteristics are on the ribbon, grouped on each tab. All
other characteristics are accessible from the Word Options window. These are the same
characteristics (and more) that used to be accessible from the Tools bill of fare (Tools |
Customize and Tools | Options).

Select an option from the bill of fare at left to expose Word Options. Below is a
verbal description of what each bill of fare shows.

· Popular-displays the most popular points in Word

· Display-allows you to change how the written written written document looks when displayed on
silver screen and when printed

· Proofing-displays options for how Word alterations and formattings your text,
including AutoCorrect options

· Save-displays options for how to salvage your document, including

· Advanced-displays many of the advanced options establish in the old Tools |
Options menu, including editing; cut, copy, and paste; show document
content; display; print; and salvage options

· Customize-displays options for you to customize the Quick Entree Toolbar
and keyboard shortcuts

· Add-Ins-displays options for customizing and managing templets and addins
(similar to the old Tools - Templates and Add-Ins menu)

· Trust Center-displays options for security settings, trusted publishers,
ActiveX settings, privateness options, and more

· Resources-provides links to check up on for Microsoft updates, online resources,
and more

To entree the Word Options window, chink the Word Options button from the menu
that appears when you chink the Office button.

Or, chink the down pointer on the Quick Entree Toolbar (circled in red). When the
Customize Quick Entree Toolbar bill of fare appears, chink More Commands.

Cover Page Icon

The new Screen Page icon on the Insert check shows a gallery of screen page
templates. You can take from already-designed screen pages or make your own.

Live Preview

While making a formatting alteration to your document, Word (and other programs)
will demo you what your alterations would look like if you chink OK. This get rids of the
demand to accept a alteration and then travel back and alteration it if it doesn't turn out the
manner you thought it would.

For example, when formatting a table, the Table Tools check looks with options for
your table. If you mouse over the options, the tabular array you just inserted changes
based on which mental image your pointer is touching.

New Double Pane View

Open two Word documents, and from the Window grouping on the Position tab, chink View
Side by Side. This option automatically shows your two Word written documents side by
side. When you coil in one document, it coils down in the other to make
comparings easier. If you make not desire to coil through both written documents together,
deselect Synchronous Scrolling.

Spell Check Improvements

Microsoft studies that the Enchantment Check characteristic now catches more than errors. For
example, in Office 2003, Enchantment Check would lose mistakes in a phrase such as as "ounce
upon a thyme," since all words are spelled correctly. Now Spell Check should catch
more than incorrect word usage.

Building Blocks

The new Building Blocks have offerings the chance to easily reuse content and
"boilerplate text." Text that you necessitate to stay changeless throughout all documents,
such as as company contact information, would be a good illustration of a utile building

Word's edifice blocks can be establish in galleries on multiple tabs. (See the table
below.) These galleries show a thumbnail mental image of each available edifice block
and offering the ability to make a new edifice block. (See the Screen Page gallery in
the subdivision on the Screen Page icon.)

Building blocks are intuitive in the sense that they infix where needed. For
example, headings travel in the written written document heading area, and cover pages insert at the
presence of the document.

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